360 Holy S.H.E.! Package

This package gives you access to all of the services.

We will dive into 360 degrees of your life, career, business potential (if you decide to become an entrepreneur), executive, and image.

Life Coaching


We’ll work on 360 degrees of your personal life to raise your awareness of who you are and allow you to design a life that is more satisfying and closer to YOUR definition of balance and fulfillment. 


I work with groups and family members going through a temporary or a long-term challenge, a difficult or sensitive transition, and relationship and communication issues

Career Coaching

Career and workplace can be challenging. Working on your professional life will bring you clarity about your career purpose.


We will explore your relationship as a leader, manager, and co-worker so you can thrive in your professional world.

Business Potential Coaching

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To build a business and move forward especially during the first years or during challenging times requires mental, physical strength and endurance.


Only passion and enthusiasm for what you do lead to long-term consistency.

- Build on your gifts, and use those gifts to create, build and expand your business opportunities.

Image Consulting


Helping individuals with their personal or professional Self through appearance, behavior, and communication.


Whatever you wear, the shape, the touch, the feel, the look of the fabric of your clothing & (accessories and every single thing you wear) should always serve you to be the best version of who you truly are. It is from that mindset, aliveness, feeling, and an empowered state of mind that you should make any single move only guided from your authentic Self to make choices that are aligned with who you are.

Let’s dive in your closet!

Executive Coaching


As a Business leader or manager, there are constant challenges from all levels of the organization (above and below) while you try to excel in your role. You want to increase productivity and performance while ensuring your team is challenged and fulfilled in their jobs and maintain their professional well-being.