Life Coaching


From the time you were born until today, you built your life from what Don Miguel Ruiz calls "The Domestication". Your name, religion, education, beliefs, and perspectives were imposed upon you. You were oriented towards a path and built a life from a "reality" that might not be your birth perspective.


You were groomed to fit into a societal mold.


We’ll work on 360 degrees of your personal life to raise your awareness of who you are and allow you to design a life that is more satisfying and closer to YOUR definition of balance and fulfillment

  • Find your life purpose (your true calling)

  • Identify your personal goals

  • Overcome any challenge or unexpected change in your life

  • Make meaningful life choices

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs that sabotage every area of your life

30 minutes complimentary consultation

Group, family:


I work with groups and family members going through a temporary or a long-term challenge, a difficult or sensitive transition, and relationship and communication issues.

I provide a supportive and neutral structure to keep a group discussion moving smoothly.

  • Parents-Children / siblings / family members

  • A group of individuals (not family related)

    • Communication, relationship, disagreement on a specific issue, or general conflict.

    • Overcome any challenge or unexpected change

    • Give a voice to each individual and make sure it's delivered authentically and understood by each individual.​

30 minutes complimentary consultation