Image Consulting

Helping individuals with their personal or professional self through appearance, behavior, and communication.

Have you ever wondered why some days you feel like a million bucks: strong, stunning, and confident. Ready to take on whatever life throws at you and to conquer the world. While other days, you feel like sh***, with no energy, wondering how you’re going to make it through the day and just NOT FEELING YOURSELF?


How you show up to the world is a combination of a lot of factors but what gets you through the day like the bad-ass that you are is something that you carry all day. It makes you feel the way you feel to respond to whatever life throws at you until you get back to your safe space (bed!)


Working for an investment bank or in the fashion world was a completely different experience to me and had a very different feel to it. The days I’d dress in a very “corporate” way I wouldn’t feel like myself but more of trying to fit in as someone that is not who I am. The freedom and creativity I felt in the fashion world would make me feel so empowered! I didn’t know back then that I was just allowing myself to be me and to pick my clothes and accessories to be the extension/expression of my true essence that needed to be expressed. Clothes should ALWAYS be the extension and the expression of WHO WE ARE, like a second layer of our (natural) skin that makes us feel whole.



Whatever you wear, the shape, the touch, the feel, the look of the fabric of your clothing, accessories and every single thing you wear should always serve you to be the best version of who you truly are. It is from that mindset, aliveness, feeling, and an empowered state of mind that you should make any single move only guided from your authentic Self to make choices that are aligned with who you are.

Let’s dive into your closet!

To reconnect You with the expression of Your True Self, we will:

- Help you evaluate the effect of your appearance and professional image

- Have a fun shopping experience together to (re)connect you to your true essence

- Learn and redefine your style to match your authentic Self (wardrobe, accessories, hair, make-up)

- Final test-shopping experience (you don't have to buy, just a drill for you to experiment with your new skills)

30 minutes complementary consultation.