Executive Coaching

As a Business leader or manager, there are constant challenges from all levels of the organization (above and below) while you try to excel in your role. You want to increase productivity and performance while ensuring your team is challenged and fulfilled in their jobs and maintain their professional well-being


You strive to nurture your team by offering a supportive environment that gives them the emotional capacity to succeed and be excellent in their jobs. At the same time, there is pressure from above (senior execs or Board members) to perform well. The demands are often incongruous with your team-building goals. These challenges can take a toll on your well-being over time.


  • Developing leadership skills

  • Re-igniting/awakening the leader within you

  • (Re)-building the notion of "The Captain and the Crew" (the leader and his team) to ensure a healthy cross-functional relationship to reach the goals

  • Call out the winner mindset within/in your task force, whether through individual coaching, team building, seminars and/or conferences.

  • Re-humanize hierarchy and the work place to build a sense of a common goal for the Greater Good

1h complementary consultation

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